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Dependent on state or others for income

Start at this point if you are reliant on a payment from some form of social services/welfare for your day-to-day food and living costs then you can start at this point.

Assuming you are able bodied the good news if that the first thing we need to do is get a legitimate income.


Dependent on state or others for accommodation

Similar to above you require assistance from the some form of housing or from a relative for your accommodation. If you have manage to get employment you know you will be able to provide for your own accommodation in the future.  It may take time to build cash but you are on the right track.

Critical note: Homelessness is a real risk in this day and age. You must maintain a good relationship with the provider of your accommodation. If it is housing, take care of the property and keep it clean. If you are with a private individual/relative always be positive with them. Of course there are unfortunate situations where you may not wish to remain dependent on anyone for accommodation so let’s focus on achieving¬† Level 1.


This is a difficult start point that many of us are in, or have been in, and managed to get out. You will.