Removal of all debt facilities

This is a hugely difficult level for most people and one that we will allocate a lot of time.

In this level we must be repentant for all of our previous financial sins…

We are sticking a big ass TARGET on each of this non-exhaustive list&

  • Overdraft facilities
  • Credit cards
  • Credit union loans
  • Bank Loans
  • Car Payments (Hire Purchase, car notes, PCP Personal Consumer Plan)
  • Student and education loans

The first thing we must do is to stop incurring any more debts/ loans and notes. That’s right. You are now officially going cold turkey on debt. Don’t borrow from anybody or any company. If you need something you are going to save for it first. Yes, the old fashioned way. The stress free way – Delayed gratification. You will get to develop patience. Remember that? The ability to wait!


*This does not include mortgage costs which we will deal with in another section