Earning income

A good start point will be a minimum wage job in retail shops or perhaps a warehouse. I’ve done both. If you can hold down a  minimum wage job you should consider this a great achievement as it will require self discipline to be punctual and work and interact with people on a regular basis. It will also give you the first taste of not being completely dependent on the state/government for support.
This should be your primary goal.

All of your attention should be on preparing your self to get this starting job. Do practical things like open a bank/credit union account to receive your payment.

Ensure you are up to speed on taxation for where you live.

Congratulations – you got your first paycheck/cheque! Pay Your Future First

Done. What’s next Stoic Paddy?


Independent for accommodation costs

You have successfully moved out of dependent accommodation. You have now earned yourself into a position to pay for your own accommodation. Congratulations! This will probably be basic enough and perhaps in some form of house/apartment sharing situation but it is your own space and you should respect it and take care of it.

Done. What’s next Stoic Paddy?