What Level Are you?

I’ve stood on miserable grey doles queues and its not fun. This game will help guide you to becoming financially independent to the potential goal in the future of being in a financial position to help other people. Most people never get past Level 3. We are no longer most people.


  1. Read the details of each level
  2. Start at the level where you have not completed all of the criteria
  3. Progress through 10 levels sequentially
  4. Win at life


  • Dependent on state or others for income
  • Dependent on state or others for accommodation

Level 1

  • Earning income
  • Independent for accommodation costs

Level 2

  • Removal of all debt facilities (overdraft, credit card, credit union loans)

Level 3

  • Creation of an emergency fund (Emergency fund is an insurance – not to make money)
  • Max pension contributions to tax relief threshold

Level 4

  • Investment
  • Removal of mortgage (Optional due to subjectivity of benefits in comparison to investment)

Level 5

Level 6

  • Invest to 50% of Fuck You Money

Level 7

  • Invest to 75% of Fuck You Money

Level 8

  • Fuck You Money achieved – ability to RE on 4% withdrawal

Level 9

  • Identify philanthropic methods to help other people move up the levels

Level 10 >>

  • Scale philanthropy
  • Help as many people as you can become independent, responsible and resilient.