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I used to buy lottery tickets when I was young and poor. I’d spend the last five bucks to my name on a ticket. You couldn’t beat that sense of anticipation as I checked the numbers. What if?! But the inevitable onslaught of depression when you realised you had to go back to work on Monday instead of buying a helicopter would always make you feel like a complete moron.

I’m not going to bore you with statistics today. Mostly because I’m not arsed doing the research and checking them. But you know as well as I do that the odds of ever winning a life changing amount are beyond  astronomical.

In effect you are spending (what appears to be small money) your goddamned hard earned money on an almost definitely worthless piece of paper. It’s not a good deal. Where I live the minimum play is €4 and a lot of folks will enter twice weekly. €8 per week or over €400 a year. Gross that up before taxes and that means you have to earn close to €1,000 a year to play if you are on a higher tax threshold.

How long do you have to work to make €1,000?  I’m guessing that hard effort and labour incurred by you might be better off investing in your definite Fuck You Money than worthless tickets.

Of course, people will say that lotteries profits go to charity. Well as far as I’m concerned charities only exist because your government is shite.

And the lottery is just another form of taxation. Optional taxation though!

So opt the fuck out.