In order to put some structure on my ramblings, I’ve loosely grouped ideas into sections/series.

Fuck Poverty – HacksĀ #stoicpaddyfuckpoverty

This section focuses on avoiding poverty and getting out of poverty because it sucks balls.

Gamification of Financial IndependenceĀ #stoicpaddyfiregame

This is the key Stoic Paddy Game to fix your finances, build wealth with a goal of having surplus money to help other people.

Dole to Director SeriesĀ #stoicpaddydtd

This section explains how to go from No Job to better jobs with more money.

Shit They Didn’t Teach Us in School

This section covers practical stuff about how the world works that we should have been thought in school.

Mental and Physical Resilience

This section outlines key principles in moving from being a weak person to a strong person.