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Fuck Commuting

I worry for commuters. I really do. Having been one for a long time in different cities in the world, using all kinds of transport, I genuinely empathise with the long term sufferers of the daily work commute.

The average person will commute to work during peak traffic hours. Trying to get to work in an ever increasing over populated city, they will sit in cars and buses in a midst of invisible carcinogens, constantly worrying if they will make it on time. Your car is most likely a mobile carbon dioxide expulsion system design to fuck you up.

Peak traffic is also seriously dangerous to your mental health. Listening to radio news shows giving them the latest catastrophic Geo-political uproar, the latest disease outbreak and doomsday economic crash warnings. Dealing with morons cutting across you and jumping lines will increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Your mood can degenerate instantly to pure rage.  Twice daily. Every working day. Over the long term this will – Break. You. Down.

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who gets to listen to nice podcasts on a tram/train once you’ve managed to squeeze yourself through the germ riddled, sliding double doors, inhaling other peoples bodily gases with your depleted immune system. Nothing to stare at except masses of beaten down depressed faces or your personal addiction device, mindlessly thumb-fucking through some social feed.

Or maybe you are a high risk nutjob otherwise known as a cyclist. Risking life, limb and testicles traversing and weaving through the aforementioned psychotic, rage induced, caffeine wired drivers. I love cyclists. I really do – they are saving money and the environment but the bravery/lunacy required to navigate disintegrating roads and cycle lanes comes with too high of a cost versus the potential for actually dying in an RTA .

And how bloody long is it taking you? I hear people talk about 90 minutes commutes like that is “not bad”! That’s three whole fecking hours every day. Fifteen hours a week out of your personal life – away from your family and your passions. Fuck that. That’s like having another stressful part-time job on top of your primary job.

I’m not saying quit your job in the morning. Of course it isn’t that easy. I’m saying that “job location distance to home” should be a much higher weighted factor that you take very seriously during your next attempt at finding a new job. Most people will automatically chose highest possible salary which can be understandable. But considering the taxman will rape that extra cash, you should also consider the commute costs of both money and time. Ask yourself some serious questions…

  • Can I get a job physically closer to home for a similar or increased wage?
  • Can I get a job physically closer to home for a decreased nett wage but with lower fuel/transport costs?
  • Can  I work in a different direction to other commuters thus avoiding congestion?
  • Can I work remotely from home for all or some of the working week?
  • Can I change profession to remove my need for a commute at all? #ballsy

The gold standard is not working from home. The gold standard is not working – at all. Choosing when you need to travel and having the luxury of avoiding rush hour traffic completely. Always make sure you have a pathway to Financial Independence by building your Fuck You Money.

To all you hardened commuters out there, just remember – Paddy gives a shit. Hang in there.

#fucktraffic #fuckcommuting



You are not a unique snowflake

“What would Tyler Durden do?” became a familiar phrase in the years after the release of the 1999 (fuck I’m old) movie Fight Club.

This expression did not circulate and stick around for nothing. It spawned many a Shopify store t-shirt for a good reason. There is a phenomenal amount of ideas and philosophical content articulated by the Durden character within the movie which can be utilised in your own everyday life.

One of the strongest comes from the quote below (Chuck Palahniuk being the original author) spoken by Tyler Durden.

“You are not special. You’re not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else.”

This phrase recirculates the concept of the Latin Christian expression  Memento Mori – or, remember you must die. Pure rays of sunshine those Christian lads. But the concept is far more ancient than some medieval grumpy self-flagellating bastards but stems back to Socrates and early stoicism.

History lesson aside, the point is you’re going to die, we’re all going to die and mortality is THE ultimate equalizer of all men and women. Every single one of us will die regardless of wealth, morality, longevity or favourite Batman actor.  Every politician, monarch and religious leader will decompose and eventually be forgotten.

This point is not to put you in your box and make you feel like shit (well, maybe for the Christians). On the contrary, it should make you get some perspective on your lifespan and what you will do with it. Fuck procrastination in the ass and take a leaf from Seneca.

Let us prepare our minds as if we’d come to the very end of life. Let us postpone nothing. Let us balance life’s books each day”

Consider this the next time you sit down to a twenty hour box set binge or thumb scroll your way through mindless drivel on your “smart”phone. Don’t put off contacting that friend or relative you’ve been meaning to visit. They will die too.  Read this very sobering blogpost and then put the call in…

The other aspect to the Tyler Durden quote is the uniqueness of your existence. Sure you are unique, but so what. You eat, you breathe, you sleep, you wake and you excrete. So do the rest of us. Don’t waste anytime whinging and whining about how tough you’ve had it or how oppressed you are. Accept your circumstances and if you don’t like them, change them. Have a life of value and remember that a valuable life stems from being useful to others, the strength of your relationships and following your passions.

Now, fuck off your phone and tell someone you care about that you love them.

~Stoic Paddy~

You don’t need a pension. You need Fuck You Money.

All the time. It’s on the news. All the time. “Pensions Timebomb!”. Do yo know who listens? Nobody.

Talk to a millennial about a pension and watch their eyes roll at you. Mention a pension to a tired and stressed worker and they will “get around to it”.

The media are selling it all wrong. Tell the people. Tell the people they need “Fuck You Money”. It goes by many names, Early Retirement, Financial Independence or Financial Freedom for starts but I’ve always preferred Fuck You Money. The average person lives 5 years fun, 15-20 years school or college and then 40  working through stress, boredom, anxiety and life sucking commutes in shite weather and then hopes that when the 67 birthday rocks around that the state will provide a few bob for them to live off or hope there is a nice stash in their pension fund.

Fuck You Money is the amount you would need to be able to own your own time and freedom without requiring employment. Thus, having the ability to tell anyone to fuck off ,even your employer and not giving a shit. You might be thinking you need millions but the real number is probably a lot smaller than you think. One simple method of calculating is the 4% Rule. A version would be something along the lines of – take what you spend a year now, multiply by 25 and you have the number you need to accumulate which would in theory generate 4% returns that you could live off.

Example average Irish worker  earns roughly €36,000  according to the CSO. After taxes they probably live off €25,000 per year. Multiply €25k x 25 =€625,000

In theory, you could withdraw your €25k each year without affecting the lump sum.

Now, plenty of folks will happily argue on the internet about how to calculate Fuck You Money, 4% Rule and inflation and all other nice and important points…but you get the jist.

And even if the calculation is way off, a person with €625k in the bank is going to be in a far better position than the average Irish punter waiting on a state pension.

And oh yeah. Of course you need a fucking pension. It’s a very useful way of reducing your current tax bill.

In future post, I will give you lots of way of building up your Fuck You Money

How you can become an ignorant prick like me

I used to be addicted to news. Primetime, Newstalk, BBC, Al Jazeera – Domestic, National, International. Politics, business, it didn’t matter. I’d lap it up and shout at the TV or send in angry texts to the radio. Ooh and I liked arguing about it on the internet too. Getting worked up about unions, and human rights, global warming etc on the odd forum or social media.
Now all that stuff is important. Sure it is. But it took up way too much of my energy and despite my ego, no amount of my ranting and raving on the internet would have the slightest impact on any of those matters. And it is relentless! There are news sources everywhere.  I was heavily investing my time into an activity that provided no benefit to anyone. From an opportunity cost perspective, I was wasting time that could have been spent on family, learning, sleep or, well, any positive activity.
I docked an idea from Tim Ferris and his 4HWW book about choosing a Low Information Diet and Selective Ignorance. Not necessarily a novel idea but execution is everything.
So I executed. Over the course of a month I gradually wound down my consumption of news programming. I said goodbye to Claire Byrne, Vincent Brown and other late night news panel discussions and claimed back sleep time!

Now, or course it is important to stay informed on current affairs but now I batch information consumption. Maybe you like reading Sunday papers or take time to read through Saved Links in your FB feed. Do whatever works for you but keep it down to an hour or two each week. Eliminate arguing on the internet too.

The results are significant. Better sleep and zero fucks to give.

TLDR: Nothing really changes. Unions threaten strikes. The US is at war with someone. Some political scandal.  Stop wasting your precious time consuming details of events that will provide no tangible benefit to your life.


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