Stoic Paddy declares an all out ban on buying overtly expensive obese treats wrapped in ocean-life killing plastic.


  • Do you need to buy xmas rubbish this year?
  • Do you buy dumb shit because you feel you are supposed partake in mindless consumerism?
  • Are you in debt because you have no self control?
  • Do you need to ‘bulk up’ the cheapy crappy present you bought?
  • Do you enjoy being the middle man between plastic waste and the ocean?
  • Do you suffer from being a complete tool?

Well selection boxes are on a supermarket shelf near you!

Increasing in price and decreasing in content!

Honestly, nothing like Xmas to bring out the absolute worst in human stupidity.
Would you please stop being so damned moronic and buying pure junk?



Please share this with all your friends and family and tell them to take this xmas off from being a moron…

The kids will thank you, the parents will thank you and the little fishies will thank you.

Happy holidays from Stoic Paddy