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Month: March 2017

Plastic water bottles – Because you’re a fucking idiot

When you buy a plastic bottle of water you are giving a signal to the world. A signal that you are dumb. Congratulations! You have just spent €1.50 to contribute to plastic waste that is accumulating around the planet. You have spent money on something that you can get from your own tap.

I remember when I first saw bottled water in Ireland in the mid-nineties and my original reaction of disbelief has not changed in twenty years.

“Ah but the bottles are recyclable Stoic Paddy.” In theory perhaps…but how many bottles do you think actually end up in landfill? Many people will dump them in the bin and into the black bin collection. Even if they do go into the green bin collection that is no guarantee that they will be recycled.  Check out this story that will make you think a bit more about what you put in your green bin and think happens.

You may not believe this but when we were thirsty we would just wait until we were home. Imagine that. A thirst that was not immediately quenched. Barbaric shit altogether. Shops used to have one small refrigerator that would contain some fizzy drinks. But now fridges take over half the shop with they mystical array of colours.

#PaddyHint: We didn’t get thirstier. We got dumber.

Image of man in mountains of wasted plastic bottle

So the message is clear.

Stop buying plastic.

Stop buying water.

Save your money.

Stop being a fucking idiot.

You don’t need a pension. You need Fuck You Money.

All the time. It’s on the news. All the time. “Pensions Timebomb!”. Do yo know who listens? Nobody.

Talk to a millennial about a pension and watch their eyes roll at you. Mention a pension to a tired and stressed worker and they will “get around to it”.

The media are selling it all wrong. Tell the people. Tell the people they need “Fuck You Money”. It goes by many names, Early Retirement, Financial Independence or Financial Freedom for starts but I’ve always preferred Fuck You Money. The average person lives 5 years fun, 15-20 years school or college and then 40  working through stress, boredom, anxiety and life sucking commutes in shite weather and then hopes that when the 67 birthday rocks around that the state will provide a few bob for them to live off or hope there is a nice stash in their pension fund.

Fuck You Money is the amount you would need to be able to own your own time and freedom without requiring employment. Thus, having the ability to tell anyone to fuck off ,even your employer and not giving a shit. You might be thinking you need millions but the real number is probably a lot smaller than you think. One simple method of calculating is the 4% Rule. A version would be something along the lines of – take what you spend a year now, multiply by 25 and you have the number you need to accumulate which would in theory generate 4% returns that you could live off.

Example average Irish worker  earns roughly €36,000  according to the CSO. After taxes they probably live off €25,000 per year. Multiply €25k x 25 =€625,000

In theory, you could withdraw your €25k each year without affecting the lump sum.

Now, plenty of folks will happily argue on the internet about how to calculate Fuck You Money, 4% Rule and inflation and all other nice and important points…but you get the jist.

And even if the calculation is way off, a person with €625k in the bank is going to be in a far better position than the average Irish punter waiting on a state pension.

And oh yeah. Of course you need a fucking pension. It’s a very useful way of reducing your current tax bill.

In future post, I will give you lots of way of building up your Fuck You Money

Light up, light up

€30? No chance. That is how much people can pay for a bulb to be replaced by a car mechanic during a service. My headlight bulb went today. I went onto YouTube and spent 20 minutes watching videos explaining how to do it. I then sourced the bulb for less than €10 and fitted myself.

Now, it’s nice to save €20 (or having to earn €40 gross) but that is just the icing on the cake. The real value is the continuous development of vital skills. Self-sustainability, independence, source information, learn and then take the chance and execute. I could have fucked it up. But I gave it a fucking shot and it paid off. And the sweet satisfaction of completing what I now know is such a simple task without assistance and knowing I can have the confidence to build on that tiny success.

Do you pay for someone to do these kind of tasks for you? Ask yourself why? Is it laziness? It is fear of the unknown? Are you worried you will fuck it up?

I challenge you to complete the next simple task that comes your way were you previously would have paid a tradesman.

Stop being completely helpless today and join Stoic Paddy in becoming self sufficient.


Disclaimer: Don’t be fucking stupid and do a complex dangerous task that should be carried out by a trained certified professional.




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